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Delivery Information

Delivery Information:

Delivery Partner is Poslaju Malaysia.

  • We aim but do not guarantee to deliver the products to you within3- 5 working days from the day of close of sale depending upon the shipping location, given that the actual time of shipping depends upon several factors including but not limited to (delay in delivery through the partner (breakdown of vehicles, driver falls sick), bad road/weather conditions, delay in receiving products from suppliers.

Below is the delivery charges according to the state in Malaysia.

Weight(kg)Kuching to Kuching & Whole SarawakKuching to Sabah & Peninsular Malaysia
First 0.5kgRM 5.50RM 8.50
Additional 0.25kgRM 0.30RM 1.50
0.000 - 0.500kgRM7.69RM11.82
0.501 - 0.750kgRM8.10RM13.89
0.751 - 1.000kgRM8.51RM15.95
1.001 - 1.250kgRM8.93RM18.02
1.251 - 1.500kgRM9.34RM20.09
1.501 - 1.750kgRM9.75RM22.15
1.751 - 2.000kgRM10.17RM24.22

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